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Debunking Oral Surgery Myths

Surgery can be a scary thing for any patient to face, no matter how large or small the operation will be. It’s normal to have a few anxieties going into any medical procedure, but sometimes our worries are based more in fear than in fact. If you’ve recently been told by your dentist that you’re … Continued

Keeping Your Toothbrush Happy

Your toothbrush should be spending upwards of 24 hours brushing your teeth every year, but what about the other 364 days-worth of time? Brushing your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day is a crucial first step towards maintaining a healthy mouth, but simply brushing is not enough to keep things in tip-top … Continued

Top 8 Tips For A Healthy Mouth

We all do our best to stay healthy and feel good, but sometimes bad habits die hard. We may have formed an oral health routine years ago, but sometimes we fall out of habit or start to forget the importance of these tasks. Today, we’re looking into the bare basics of tooth care in case … Continued

Considering Dentures? 5 Things You’ll Want to Know

If you’ve lost teeth, dentures can vastly improve your quality of life. These removable appliances can give you a brand new smile and allow you to eat your favorite foods you’ve been missing. If you’re considering getting dentures, here are just a few things you may want to know: 1. There are a number of … Continued

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