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5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White and Still Enjoy Your Morning Coffee

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If you’re a coffee lover, then you may be looking for a means to protect your smile while still enjoying your daily cup. Here are a few ways you can minimize those dreaded coffee stains.

1. Always rinse with water.

Unfortunately, when coffee is left to linger on your teeth, it can corrode and stain your dental enamel. By rinsing your teeth off quickly, however, they are less impacted by the tannins in your morning cup. Therefore, one of the ways that avid coffee drinkers can keep their teeth white is to rinse with water after drinking.

2. Consider using a straw.

It may feel silly to drink hot coffee with a straw, but it could potentially keep your teeth pearly white. Drinking through a straw allows your coffee to bypass the outer surfaces of your teeth. In the end, this can slightly minimize the damage that coffee can have to your smile.

3. Don’t sit with your coffee at your desk.

This is a teeth-saving tip that coffee drinkers often miss. If you want to maintain a whiter smile, it would be best if you avoid sipping on coffee for long periods of time. The reason is two-fold: first, the longer you wait to wash off your teeth, the longer the coffee has to stain the surfaces of your teeth. Secondly, the bacteria in plaque feed on the sugars in your foods and beverages—including coffee. When they metabolize these sugars (after about 20 minutes), they release harmful acids onto the surfaces of your teeth that can discolor and decay your enamel. Therefore, try sipping on your coffee in the break room and rinse your mouth out right away. Maybe even keep water at your desk instead—your teeth will thank you for it!

4. Drink your coffee black.

It is a common misconception that adding creamers to your coffee can actually spare your teeth from stains—since the liquid is lighter than black coffee. However, this is unfortunately false. The compound in coffee that can leave stains on your teeth, also known as tannins, does not dissipate when you add creamer to your coffee. In fact, adding creamer only adds sugars to your beverage—worsening the “acid attack” process we mentioned above that can lead to tooth decay and discoloration. All in all, the less sugar you add to your coffee, the better!

5. Schedule a professional teeth whitening.

While the methods listed above can possibly minimize the damage that coffee would do to your teeth, it is never 100% effective. The only real way to protect your teeth from coffee stains is to simply not drink coffee. That said, for those of you who can’t function in the morning without your daily cup of coffee, you might consider having a professional whitening treatment. In just a quick 1-hour appointment, your teeth can become up to eight shades whiter! Yes, this whitening treatment can even reverse the discoloration from coffee stains.

To schedule your teeth whitening procedure, call Dental Roots in Naperville today!

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