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Naperville Endodontics: A Root Canal

Root Canal Naperville Endodontics

Are you experiencing a toothache? Is a tooth particularly sensitive to hot and cold? Have any of your teeth grown darker? These are all signs that decay is present in one or more of your roots.

No one looks forward to the prospect of a root canal in Naperville. At certain times, however, we must do what is best to protect teeth that must last us for an entire lifetime. Yet when decay has reached a nerve within one of your teeth and inflamed or infected it, a root canal, or endodontics in Naperville, may become necessary.

If it is, we get it: you want the fastest, most effective procedure with little or no discomfort — in and out of that dental chair as fast as possible.

Your roots deserve the most conservative, technologically advanced care. You can trust Dr. Nitu Singh to restore your tooth by gently removing the infection with little or no discomfort. We proceed at a calm speed that clears away all infection and returns you to your normal lifestyle in complete comfort.

Post-Operative Instructions

After your root canal is complete, it’s normal to experience some measure of discomfort for several days. To relieve this discomfort, please take the pain medication recommended by Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh recommends the placement of a crown after a root canal. In the meanwhile, rinse your mouth often with warm salt water, which is soothing and takes down swelling. Avoid chewing sticky foods like gum or hard foods like ice, etc. If possible, chew only on the opposite side of your mouth.

If your bite feels persistently awkward — or if you experience continued pain — please call Dr. Singh’s Naperville endodontics office immediately.

Keep your teeth free from infection in the safest, most gentle way: trust them to Naperville root canal expert, Dr. Nitu Singh. We welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

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